Lean Six Sigma: what becoming a ‘belt’ means

Amplifying your skills set

The acceleration of people becoming a Six Sigma ‘belt’ is rapid. Organisations are embracing continuous improvement as the prime vehicle for positive change. This is true also of individuals that want to “stand out from the crowd.” Read more.


Dembridge Consulting

Dembridge Consulting

Dembridge consultancy works with businesses to facilitate growth through close collaboration with the drivers of your business. We see the 'big picture.' Our focus is on your business' strategic objectives of which Lean Six Sigma becomes an integral part of the improvement. Our project management expertise enables sustainability of progress and our front line support ensures that improvements become embedded. As part of the process we provide full training in Lean Six Sigma for those involved in the improvement programme.

Training Courses

Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt Course

Get started on your Lean Six Sigma journey with this 2 day introduction to the concepts, principles and tools

Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt Course

A more in-depth course that expands on the yellow belt training and provides a greater understanding of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt Course

The application of statistical analysis that emdodies all of the learning on the yellow and green belt training

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