A selection of what our customers are saying about our training and support services….

“I’d heard from colleagues that Lean Six Sigma was a revolutionary way of reviewing your business to drive improvements. At first I was sceptical, and even thought that it could be just a new pyramid scheme fad with death by PowerPoint training. Well I can truly say that I was way off base. The 5 day course got my attention through its well-structured and easily digestible content, but it was brought to life by the instructor who gave real life examples that I could relate to. With the follow up practical work based project and regular guidance from the Dembridge instructor it has been refreshing to apply a common sense approach using the methodology of Lean Six Sigma and I’ve already started to make efficiencies within our processes. I can honestly state this is the best course I have ever been on, and that I have found immediate benefits from.”
Gary Pyart, Continuous Improvement Coach

“I urge anyone who wants to improve their business performance to get some Lean Six Sigma practitioners in place. We invested in this on the back of ‘speculation’ and ‘anecdotal evidence’ but I have to say this training has enabled us to make immediate and sustained benefits not just in tangible terms but also in the difference in behaviours of our teams. As Nike would say “Just Do It!”
Brian, Operations Director

“I’d heard about this amazing business improvement methodology called Lean Six Sigma and have wanted to qualify for a while but didn’t truly know what it  was about. I spent 5 days on Dembridge’s Green Belt course, and in the knowledgeable hands of the trainer, the world of LSS was opened before me.  We covered all aspects of the methodology and the trainer spent a lot of time on the practical application of the tools to really embed the learning. This was challenging at times but really necessary to build confidence and to add value to my skills and capability immediately. I felt that I had been taught how to apply the methodology rather than pass an exam. I was delighted with my 93% score on the Green Belt exam.”
Hazel, Business Change Manager

“When someone attends a training course it is usually almost all theory. I was refreshed when not only was the theory of LSS provided, but real life examples and case studies were used to actually demonstrate the application of the tools. Further, the focus was not just on the tools but modules were included covering the soft skills required to make it happen. This was supplemented by post training support (free of charge) to help guide me through my first project, which was a huge success!”
Daniel, Operational Excellence Manager 

“Dembridge are extremely knowledgeable on the subject and I am keen to learn from them in the Black Belt course in the coming months. They were excellent at understanding when the group had hit saturation point (there is a lot of information to take in) and allowing flexible break times or discussion. The trainer held the attention of the group and put us all at ease.” 
Donna, Service Improvement Manager

“There are training courses and there are learning programmes. It was so refreshing to work with an organisation who actually put the student first and foremost. This was not just a “classroom” style training at all – it was a comprehensive programme where the trainer worked with each student to check understanding. The practical work was a huge help in gaining this understanding. I truly recommend Dembridge.”
Martin, Head of Business Improvement

“When I attend training courses I expect to be inspired sufficiently to hit the ground running post training. This is what actually happened to the extent that, having successfully completed the Green Belt training and work placed project, we, as a company enlisted a further 12 people through the training and I will be undertaking the Black Belt training having completed, successfully, three major projects.” 
Ronald, General Manager

“Very good and enthusiastic – the passion and drive rub off. I would highly recommend both the course and Dembridge.
Amy, Team Lead Podiatrist

“We had real problems in our service performance with high error rates and we could not understand why. Not only did Dembridge work with us to provide the solution, but they identified the root causes and improved the processes with controls in place to ensure sustainability. As a result, our sales have increased, our costs have decreased and our teams feel proud to be the best in our business.”
Richard, Operations Manager

“A truly comprehensive and thought provoking training course. Not only was the training structured well, but the trainer was inspirational and motivational. I came away from the course full of enthusiasm and could not wait to put into practise what I had learnt. Thank you Dembridge!”
Hayley, Administration Manager

“I had the usual thoughts when I was nominated for this – not another training course!! However, having attended the intensive 5 day training course, I can honestly say that this was the best organised, thorough and well paced training session I have ever attended. The time flew by and I left the course feeling not only more educated in what efficiency and quality is all about, but I also felt very motivated to want to do things differently that would make a difference to my company.”
Lee, Team Leader