Yellow Belt

The first level in the Lean Six Sigma hierarchy is the Yellow Belt. Regarded as ‘functional experts’ yellow belts play an important partof the improvement team supporting green belts in smaller projects and green belts and black belts in large projects.

The role of the Yellow Belt can be summarised as follows:

  • An understanding of the terminology and process of the overall Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Acts as a key team member in improvement projects under the direction of the green belt and/or black belt
  • Has a good understanding of the philosophies of both Lean and Six Sigma
  • A firm awareness of the tools and techniques that can be applied through the Lean Six Sigma methodology including DMAIC

All of these are covered in the Dembridge training course.

Green Belt

The Green Belt is the second level within the Lean Six Sigma heirarchy. At this level, green belts will have a more in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques and concepts of Lean Six Sigma and are a vital part of the improvement team. Green belts will provide direction to yellow belts during projects and will themselves receive direction from black belts during major projects. In summary, green belts will:

  • Have the knowledge and proficiency to lead small projects
  • An in-depth understanding and be able to confidently apply the DMAIC methodology
  • An understanding and the ability to deploy the tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Be a key part of major projects under the direction of a black belt

All of these are covered in the Dembridge training course.

Black Belt

Black belts are responsible for the leadership of major projects supported by a team of green belts and yellow belts. They have a real detailed understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and are experienced in training and coaching and project delivery. The in-depth knowledge, understanding and application of statistical analysis is a central function of the black belt. Black belts often utilise the support of Master Black Belts.

The role of the Black Belt can be summarised as follows:

  • Leads a team of green and yellow belts successfully through Lean Six Sigma improvement programmes
  • Works with senior management in the selection of improvement projects
  • Conducts training for other belts
  • Has an in-depth understanding of all the tools including advanced statistical process tools
  • Presents results at senior management level
  • Demonstrates strong leadership behaviours

All of these are covered in the Dembridge training course.