We’re different. We break the rules.

We do not operate like your ‘traditional consultants.’ In fact we don’t even like the term. It’s just that businesses relate to consultants in search for their requirements. We prefer to be known as collaborators, because that’s what we do.

We take pride in working with people – your people – which is why so many turn to Dembridge for their training and support needs. We love to see people succeed.

Our approach is simple – we engage with your people, coach them, work with them to implement positive change and ensure they retain the skills to ensure sustainability of the benefits. Through this approach, there is no need for us to spend months in your business which means that you save money. Why spend unnecessary time with you when you have the practitioners in place to drive through the gains?

No project would be successful without a comprehensive and structured approach. Dembridge specialises in this discipline to ensure a consistently high level of project management. The model below describes how Dembridge construct the project to meet the needs of your organisation. Conscious that businesses want early results, we work to a framework that delivers just that – starting with the ‘low hanging fruit.’

Quick wins – the implementation of quick wins provides a strong foundation in engaging people into the concept and the realisation that process improvement can be quickly identified and benefits accrued early on in the project. Typically, these quick wins can be identified and implemented within a couple of weeks. Rapid Action Teams (RAT’s) is a very effective way of achieving this.

Tactical solutions – areas identified for improvement but will take a little longer than quick fixes. Typically, these tactical solutions can be identified and implemented within 4-8 weeks.

Strategic agenda – those that are directly linked to the strategic agenda of the business and require considerable data collection, analysis, solution identification, implementation and control. DMAIC methodology is central to this. Typically, the strategic agenda element of this improvement programme will take up to 6 months to fully implement and embed into the business.

Awareness and Communication
Senior management support is vital in ensuring the success of Lean Six Sigma projects. Equally important is consistent communications through the project life cycle and Dembridge places great emphasis on this pivotal element. Whilst Green and Black Belts tend to ‘push,’ the element of ‘pull’ is an important part of the senior management team. Dembridge provides Lean Six Sigma awareness sessions to avail senior management of their role in successfully delivering the project as well as the on-site training of your people..

Project/Programme Management
A clear management structure is critical. The monitoring and reporting on the many projects in progress includes the tracking of the financial benefits being accrued by the initiative.

Training, Coaching and Support
The most important factor for driving successful projects is providing the training, coaching and support to newly trained Lean Six Sigma ‘practitioners.’ That is why Dembridge offers the full package. Not only do we undertake projects, but we spend quality time in training the people who will become an integral part of the project and this retention of the skills that they gain brings continual value to your business. As Lean Six Sigma is all about delivering real process improvement – through structured projects – the training, coaching and support to the improvement team is vital.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a proposal to meet those exacting requirements.

 “You don’t have to do this, survival is not compulsory.” 

W. Edwards Deming