Startling Statistics

If we accepted a goal of 99.9% quality, then 50 new born babies are dropped at birth by a doctor each day. Frightening isn’t it?

But what if the level of quality was even less? What would the impact be then? Just look at the table below to see what happens as the quality level drops even further.

So, at a quality level of less than 95% would mean almost 1 MILLION newborn babies dropped at birth by a doctor each year.

Would you accept that? Needless to say, there would be uproar in the country if this happened.

What would this look like across other everyday functions and operations at let’s say 99% quality level. Our research has come up with some other extraordinary – and equally startling – statistics.

  • 10 hours of unsafe drinking water every month – 120 hours each year
  • 2 unsafe plane landings per day at Heathrow airport – 4,380 each year
  • 16,000 pieces of mail lost by the post office every hour – 140,160,000 per year
  • 500 incorrect surgical operations each week – 26,000 per year
  • 22,000 cheques deducted from the wrong bank account each hour – 192,720,000 each year
  • 32,000 missed heartbeats, per person, per year

It is clear that the importance of quality cannot be underestimated. Just a small percentage improvement in quality could be dramatic – as shown by the statistics above.

What is your current level of quality and can it be improved? There are tools and techniques – methodologies – that can can significantly help improve the quality of your product or service and at the same time improve your efficiency. Quality does not have to be compromised in the name of efficiency.

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