Our results speak for themselves!


The best way for any organisation to determine the quality of the service they provide is simple – listen to the Voice of the Customer! That is exactly what Dembridge do whenever they provide training or consultancy support to their customers.
Following our training courses, we always provide an opportunity for our customers to evaluate our performance from which we will always seek to improve where necessary. We are delighted that all of our customers would recommend Dembridge for Lean Six Sigma training.

“I feel this course complemented and developed on previous learning from ILP undertaken. It reinforced the need for great preparation and a structured approach and added a few extra tools to help achieve this. I am looking forward to being able to put it into practise and work with my fellow graduates to effect sustainable change as part of continuing service development.”

Similarly, all delegates stated that they would recommend Lean Six Sigma training to their colleagues citing that the benefits of this learning and the subsequent deployment of the tools and techniques “can only improve our performance”.

Delegates were equally complimentary about our trainers. Of all delegates trained, 75% of these scored the trainer as “excellent” with 25% regarding the trainer as “very good.”

“Excellent relaxed style. Dealt with all the questions with confidence.”

“Dembridge are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and this came across in the training. This enthusiasm and passion also came across in his support to us as students.”

“The trainer was very motivating and explained things very clearly. He took time to ensure that those members of the group who had not had previous experience of some of the charts and principles used on the course had a clear understanding.”

Delegates were equally impressed with the workbook provided at the training. All delegates stated that the workbook was either “useful” or “informative.” Many comments referred to the appendices, citing the comprehensive nature and supporting information to be of real value post training.

Each delegate receives the Dembridge workbook which includes a copy of all material used throughout the training programme, plus a supporting pack – the appendices – which includes information such as; the flows through DMAIC, brainstorming techniques, 5S exercise, a Lean assessment tool, RACI and a Six Sigma conversion table to name but a few.

Dembridge seeks to provide all customers with a service that exceeds expectations – another positive piece of feedback – where over 84% stated that our training exceeded their expectations.


Unlike the ‘traditional’ consultants we prefer to be known as support services.

We break tradition. 

Our success (and ultimately yours) is built upon the transfer of intelligence to your people who will gain the expertise to ensure sustainability of the gains realised during our time spent with you. We work with you and your people – understanding the behaviours and culture – to obtain vital information that facilitates a clear path to realising your objectives. This, we believe, is fundamental to your success.

We are collaborators.

We do not sit in offices pressing keyboards, we don’t accept theory. We ‘go to where it happens.’ To truly understand your business and to fully appreciate how it works, we spend considerable time on the ‘shop floor’ – listening, learning, communicating – to gain intelligence. After all, the best people to tell us and show us what happens are the people that do it day in and day out. They are the functional experts after all.

We change the perception of ‘consultants.’ 

We don’t profess to be the biggest (and we have no desire to be) but we certainly do profess to provide you with total dedication, unrivalled service and value that is often the forgotten piece of the process.

We are different.